COVID-19 Update

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IMPORTANT info about the Troll Trader Cards webstore within!

Folks, it’s a sad day I’m afraid.

Unfortunately the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has finally hit us here in the Troll Trader Cards cave.

As of this Wednesday we will be shutting the warehouse until everything has blown over. If you place an order before that date we’ll do our utmost best to get it out to you, but we’re already running on a skeleton crew so we can’t promise anything.

Although down here in Cornwall we’re fairly isolated the virus has found its way even to rural villages like this one. Our staff are our most important resource, and we’ve decided that before it gets any worse we’re going to be social distancing.

This is obviously a massive disappointment for everyone at work and we’re sure all of you Troll Trader Cards fans out there.

While we’ll do our best during the downtime to keep everyone updated with what’s happening and new things, the truth is that outside of the offices there’s not much we can do!

However, the silver lining is that when things clear up we’ll all be champing at the bit to get back to work and start shipping you all the cardboard crack you could need!

In the meantime, if you need to get hold of anyone from the Troll Trader Card offices, is the email address, although due to being out of the office it’s going to very unlikely that we’ll be able to reply. Instead, you’re better off messaging us on the relevant Facebook page.

Our thoughts go out to everyone already struggling through these trying times, and our thanks to everyone that is self-isolating or social distancing, and a massive thanks to those workers in essential jobs that are helping to keep things running and providing care for those who need it.

One final note from everyone living down here in Cornwall: if you’re considering coming to Cornwall on holiday, please don’t! Our one hospital is already pushed to breaking point, and the county cannot handle a mass virus with visitors. We love having you all down here, but at the moment coming to the beaches is one of the most dangerous things you can do. So thank you, but please come back next year!

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